Watch: Jewish Acapella Group Sings National Anthem at Madison Square Garden

by Leah Rosenberg

The Maccabeats are probably one of the most well known Jewish bands. Check out their talent at Madison Square Garden!

Who Doesn’t Love This Jewish Acapella Group?

The Jewish people are a people who have survived through the worst atrocities and still have come out being strong and proud. Despite being pushed down constantly, they always get back up. And it is a seemingly small moment like this one that shows that.

Antisemitism has been on the rise. People are trying to rid the world of the Jewish people and Jewish traditions. And then you see this. A Jewish acapella group singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. The Maccabeats are well known because of their viral song Candlelight from Hanukkah time in 2010. They are Jews who wear their Yarmulkas, or Kippahs, proudly for the world to see. Sadly, many Jews are afraid to wear their Yarmulkas on their heads. They cover them up. But the Maccabeats singing at such a venue proudly displaying their Judaism is a beautiful thing to see. It is a message to the world that the Jewish nation will remain strong and proud. We will continue to show the world that no matter how hard we are kicked and pushed down, we will always fight back by being proud and contributing more good to the world – whether that be through music, medicine, technology, or anything else.

Don’t be ashamed of your Judaism. It will definitely not make antisemitism go away. Proudly sing, dance, and cheer for being G-d’s chosen people.

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