WATCH: Dr. Malone and Joe Rogan Take On Big-Tech

by David Mark

Dr. Malone was one of the developers of the mRNA vaccine and has argued against the current vaccine policy pushed by by governments, Big Pharma and backed up through censorship by Big Tech.


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Although Dr. Malone has in the past been considered a global expert on mRNA vaccines and immunology, his stand against current over vaccination has caused him to be censored by Big Tech. Joe Rogan calls out Big Tech for their censorship of Dr. Malone, which has gotten so bad that false claims that he has been lying about his participation in creating mRNA technology have been spread.

However, despite the efforts of the global elite, Dr. Malone has not been silenced. More and more people are heeding his warning about over vaccination and vaccinating kids with an injection that has no long term study attached to it. In fact, the COVID-19 injection appears to have a number of negative side effects that have along with it.

Since it is becoming clearer and clearer that the COVID-19 injection actually wipes out the immune system, more and more people are refraining from further injections. Governments around the world, like in Israel are trying to force compliance, but the masses are beginning to ignore them. With each new edict from above, more and more people are realizing that none of this has to be our safety or health, but rather is a sophisticated attempt to apply full control over lives. Yet, the more they push, the more people wake up.

Corona is interwoven with so much many of us have fought against. Tech censorship, government run medicine, personal autonomy, and more. When it is revealed that it was a clever play for total control, the masses will revolt. Given they appear increasingly desperate, that day may be coming and while the emperor is still fully clothed, he will soon be naked for all to see.

Col. Kemp

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