Israel Bombs Hamas Targets in Gaza Following Rockets at Tel Aviv

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas launched two rockets at Tel Aviv on Saturday. In response, the IDF struck Hamas targets. This is enough!

Israel Bombs Targets after Hamas Fires Rockets at Tel Aviv

When will these rocket attacks end? These rockets were fired at Central Israel – at Tel Aviv! Hamas claims they reached Tel Aviv because of the weather, which is absolutely absurd. No one can trust terrorists! Can you imagine just going about your day and hearing a siren indicating that you have to enter a protected area to save you from rockets? Can you imagine hearing the iron dome explode rockets above your head? Israel responded to the attack by bombing Hamas targets in Gaza.

Majority, if not all Israelis, have experienced a rocket attack at some point over the last 16+ years since Israel left Gaza. Some, sadly, have experienced it quite often.

Israel needs to do something to ensure that these rocket attacks never happen again. Even one more time is one time too much. The Israeli government needs to ignore any world pressures not to respond to attacks against its people and its country. They can’t keep holding back out of fear of what the world might say. Because the ones who suffer from that is the Israeli people themselves.

Col. Kemp

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