The Answer to Achieving Real Peace in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

How can real peace in Israel happen? By giving away Jewish land and giving into terrorists’ requests? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite.

Real Peace in Israel

The whole world thinks it’s their place to figure out how to achieve long lasting peace in Israel. The problem is that they are all wrong. Or at least most of the world wrong. The world blames Israel for lack of peace and thinks that Israel needs to continuously give up land and give in to terrorists.

But to get peace, the opposite needs to happen. Israel (and really the world at large) needs to stand strong against terrorists and those who pressure Israel. And Israel should not give up one inch of land. Not one centimeter. Nothing. Giving up land does not bring peace. We have seen that to be the case time and time again, sadly.

As this video pointed out, for centuries and centuries, no one questioned that Israel belonged to the Jewish people and that it is G-d’s gift to His chosen people. And now, everyone questions it – despite the constant and hardcore evidence that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. The Jewish people have had a continued presence in Israel for thousands of years!

And what is sad is that as the world questions it, as the “Palestinians” demand land, many in the Israeli government give in and don’t stand strong. They act as if they don’t know the history and the archaeology; as if they have never heard of the Bible. Clearly, that does not bring peace. That brings further pressure and disrespect for the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

Hopefully, one day soon everyone will wake up to the truth and the path to real peace.

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