Powerful Documentary Exposing the Financial Entities that Control the World

by Phil Schneider

Who are the most powerful entities in the entire world? Most people usually assume that it is the largest governments who run the world – the United States, China, and other superpowers. Others would argue that it is actually the big tech companies who wield an inordinate amount of power due to their enormous reach and control over public opinion. This documentary argues that it is actually financial entities that have tentacles all over the world, including the governments of all of the leading superpowers, that actually wield more control over the world than anyone else. Is this true?

There is much in this documentary that should give one much food for thought. But, the weakest part of the argument is the assumption that somehow all of the powerful financial institutions and all of the wealthiest people in the world are somehow intertwined in a web of planned ideas to take over control of the world. That seems rather far-fetched for many reasons.

However, the sheer power of some of these financial mega-mammoth conglomerates should certainly cause any reasonable person to do a double-take concerning some of the policies that governments implement. Yes, the United States and China are deeply influenced by pressure from the largest financial institutions in the world. And yes, the United States and China are much more intertwined than we may want to think.

That is why a disrupter President like Donald Trump was both a breath of fresh air and a major threat for so many powerful interest groups. There are many reasons why political insiders tend to rise to the top of their political parties. The main reason is that so much internal pressure is brought down to bear on the leaders of their respective parties. We may like to think that elected officials are free to make political decisions based on what they see as right or wrong. But it is indeed much more complex than that.

This is the kind of video that one need not agree with more than 20% of the ideas posited in order to rattle some assumed aspects of life in the world that we live in.

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