WATCH: Biden Looks Dazed and Confused

by Gavriel Dan

Many observers are pointing out that President Joe Biden looked completely confused and had no idea what was going on when he was signing the Inflation Reduction Bill handed to him.

The internet is flooded with onlookers pointing out just how out of it Biden looks. The real question is, if Biden is so out of it, who is running the show and what are their goals and aims?

The bill that was passed says it all. Instead of reducing inflation – it actually raises taxes by $450 billion over the next decade. It also creates a $78.9 billion slush fund for the Internal Revenue Service. None of this is about lowering inflation, but rather a determined effort to strangle America even more.

The goal is simple – to radically transform America by continuing to centralize everything while breaking middle income earners.

America is being run by a shadow government at this point – nameless bureaucrats pushing laws and regulations with the aim to destroy America from within.

While there is still hope to save it – chances are it may very well be too late.

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