Folk And Rap Come Together for This Perfect Jewish Song

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Jewish song carries with it a unique sound, story, and background. This one is an absolute masterpiece.

This Jewish Song Should Win an Award

Everyone has different tastes and styles when it comes to music. Nissim Black and Levi Robin are two totally different Jewish musicians. Nissim Black is a Jewish rapper with inspiring lyrics. Levi Robin also has inspiring lyrics, but he is definitely not a rapper. Robin is more of a folk singer. But somehow, although you would never understand how the two genres would mesh, their two styles created this stunning and inspiring Jewish song.

There is just something about this song that you cannot describe. But if you listen, you will be inspired. You will love the rap and the folk part of the song – even if you usually do not like either of those genres. The combination is unique.

This song is so beautiful and relatable. And it is inspiring that these singers both connect to G-d through music and make that known. This song is also a reminder that we are not alone when we feel down. Every person in the world has his challenging moments. When people feel that all is lost, G-d is the only one to turn to. We ask Him to help us, to raise us up, to help us “get lifted.”

Music is an unbelievable tool to use to express yourself. Some people can create the words and tunes themselves, and other people connect through listening. Either way, G-d put something remarkable in this world with music.

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