Famous Jewish Black Rapper Struck Gold with this Song

by Leah Rosenberg

Nissim Black, a Jewish Black rapper, has a unique style that is not common in his world. And that is what makes him so intriguing.

Jewish Black Rapper Hits the Jackpot with “Higher”

Nissim Black is unique. His style, his background, his past. He was born a non-Jew. Black grew up surrounded by drugs and gangs. And after a long journey, he found his way to Judaism. And that changed his life forever. But Nissim didn’t give up his passion for music, and that is what is so fascinating about him. He used his Judaism to guide his musical talent. Judaism believes in taking things in this world and making them holy. And Judaism also greatly values music. King David was one of the most well known musicians in Jewish history! That is one of the ways he connected to G-d, and throughout history, many have connected to G-d this way.

Now, instead of singing about the negative life he used to sing about, he sings about G-d and Judaism. His lyrics are beautiful and meaningful. They are reminders of what is truly important in life. And Black does it in an entertaining way – a way that brings his audience in. His entire being brings in all those who listen to his music. His music makes you want to know what story he is going to tell; what message he is going to let out to the world.

And this song, “Higher,” is a winner. It has the perfect balance of everything.

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