WW3 Has Arrived – China Sending Troops To Russia

by Micha Gefen

Reports indicate that China is sending troops to participate in joint military exercises with Russia in Russia’s far East.

The military drills are set to be taking place between Aug. 30 and Sept. 5. While this is not the first time China has participated in a joint drill with Russia (the last was 2018), the world is a very different place now. With a war being waged between Russia and NATO backed Ukraine as well as China’s threats to take Taiwan, the global situation is chaotic and volatile.

Add onto that, the global food shortages and economic downturn across the world and the chances of war shoot up.

Some observers already believe we have entered WW3. After all, NATO is directly aiding and supporting Ukraine’s war efforts. Belarus has joined the war on the side of Russia. Adding in China’s blockade of Taiwan, there are already two fronts and multiple actors.

In the past two world wars, there was a clear rubicon crossed demarcating the start of the war. In today’s global conflict that is far less clear. However, what is clear is that the global conflict is now upon us.

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