Learn The Real Reason Behind Israel’s Latest Attack On Islamic Jihad In Gaza

by Micha Gefen

Did Israel use Operation Breaking Dawn as cover to attack Yemen?

It certainly seems that way.

A cryptic reference by the Israeli military chief to attacking a “third country” during the recent bombing in Gaza has led to speculation that Israel targeted a Houthi camp in Yemen.

During a conference on Thursday, Aviv Kohavi said the Israeli army had carried out the strike while targeting the northern Gaza commander of Islamic Jihad.

“Ten days ago, the Israel Defense Forces hit with great precision Tayseer Jabari, who is an arch-terrorist,” he told the Federation of Local Authorities conference.”

“And at the same time [they] carried out a wave of arrests in [the West Bank], and at the same time attacked a third country, and carried out defense along the rest of the country’s borders.”

Interestingly, at the same time Israel started bombing Gaza – the IAF

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