Was the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza the wrong move?

by Phil Schneider

From every angle possible, the clear answer is – absolutely, yes. There was nothing positive that came out of the wrong-headed and illogical move of Israel unilaterally kicking out 8,000 of it’s own residents from it’s country and literally handing it over to a bunch of terrorists. Israel literally created a terrorist state on it’s southwest border at it’s own initiative. What possessed Israel to do this?

The answer in a nutshell is that Israel did not do the disengagement. One man, Ariel Sharon, the elected Prime Minister of Israel, took advantage of Israel’s lack of checks and balances in order to push through a policy that was diametrically opposed to the platform he was elected on. This would be akin to Donald Trump doubling down on Obama’s Health Care policy and declaring after his election that Obamacare is actually a wonderful policy because it takes care of all Americans. Of course that would anger most of the Republican electorate. In the United States, the Congress would probably be able to handcuff the President from actually implementing Obamacare. But in the State of Israel, there are very few things to hold back a Prime Minister from pushing through any policy they decide on once they have the power of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Since the Gaza forced expulsion of 8,000 people, Israel has been “rewarded” with thousands of kassam rockets and a self-declared Hamas region. The Hamas is hell-bent on destroying Israel, and has wreaked havoc on towns in Israel’s south and even middle regions. There is a solution, but it is a difficult one. It includes Israel retaking military control of the area and demilitarizing the entire Gaza Strip. There is no group within the borders of the Gaza Strip that should have any weapons except for Israeli Defense Forces. Between 1948 and 1967, Israel did not have control over the area, and terror from the Arab Fedayeen was the norm. Since 2005, when Israel disengaged from the area, Arab terror towards Israel escalated too. The status quo that was not wonderful but was the best option was the one that existed between 1967 and 2005. The only real question should be when and how. But not if Israel should retake the Gaza Strip.

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