Ben Shapiro just proved the media’s bias with one tragic story

by Leah Rosenberg

Media bias is a scary thing. If you only know half the story, you don’t know the truth. And you definitely won’t know the statistics, either.

Media Bias

There is nothing good about the media bias that has been happening constantly in the mainstream media. It misleads millions upon millions of people. Ben Shapiro lays it down perfectly here.

When you only share half the story, it means that people only hearing half the story. It creates statistics that don’t exist, as Shapiro points out. It creates a false perception of reality. All of this happens because the mainstream media will only share news stories that support their agenda and their narrative. If a story goes against what they are trying to make the public believe, then they will either ignore it completely or give it little attention.

George Floyd

Shapiro pointed out something quite shocking. He does not believe that the George Floyd story should have been national news. And he makes a lot of sense. There is no trend of police brutality against Black men. It was a sad story and should not have happened the way it did, but was it worthy of national news?

Because of the way the media distorts things, America became a place of unrest. That is not to say the media is the only entity to blame. People are responsible for their actions. Leaders are responsible for allowing violence. And protesters are responsible for blowing things completely out of proportion.

But the media definitely has played a part in the civil unrest. If only people were willing to question all the stories they hear on the news. If only they realized that there is always another side to be told. And if only they realized that maybe the media is just not always right.

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