Historic Trump, Netanyahu, UAE Deal Exposes the Truth about “Palestinian” Arabs

by Avi Abelow

Palestinian Arab culture is sick, it’s evil and it glorifies murdering Jews. In addition, they are the most ungrateful, spiteful people around. 

Here we are witnessing Palestinian Arabs on the Temple Mount stomping on the flag of the United Arab Emirates because it just normalized relations with Israel. 

Here is the sad paradox, the UAE made the deal with Israel based on the condition that Israel not apply sovereignty in our ancestral areas of Judea & Samaria. Instead of being grateful, the palestinian Arabs are spiteful and hateful of their Arab brethren of the UAE.

Even more than that, the UAE is a huge donor to the Palestinian Arabs. 

Just during 2018 and 2019 alone, the UAE provided more than $364 million in aid to support the Palestinians, including $50 million to support UNRWA’s education programme in 2018, and $2 million to provide fuel to stations supplying power to hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

And just recently, the UAE delivered much needed medical aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to help them treat people with corona virus. But guess what? The Palestinian Authority refused to accept the much-needed medical aid because the plane carrying it landed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport and it wasn’t “coordinated” with them. As the Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Health Mai Alkaila said of the UAE’s aid, “There has been no coordination with the PA, so we cannot receive such aid. We are a sovereign authority. Coordination must be directly with us.”

The Palestinian authority prioritizes its spite and hatred over healing its own people. And it’s own people prioritizes it’s hatred over gratitude. It’s a people with no appreciation for friends and ungrateful for aid. That is a sad and sick society.

As I always say, this cause called Palestine is not about making life better for the the Arab Muslims who live in Judea, Samaria or Gaza. It’s not even about self-determination, which they already have since they on their own claim that they are their own “soveriegn authority”, it’s about one thing, destroying the Jewish state of Israel and killing Jews.

Thankfully, even their Sunni Muslim Arab brethren, across the Middle East, are beginning to get sick of their disgusting self-absorbed antics. And that a positive sign for true peace. Not a peace with an artificially created state for people called palestinians, but a peace with an Israel that gives freedom and equality for all Muslim Arabs that want to live in peace with us.

In the tweet below, a UAE citizen publicizes praise for the Israeli police for taking away the UAE flag that was being stomped on by the Muslims on the Temple Mount, saving the honor of the UAE.

Col. Kemp

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