Peace Deal With UAE Sets Up Final War With Iran

by Micha Gefen

There are moments when one can sense a real pivot, a change in the global dynamic – we are now living through one. The emerging peace deal between the UAE and Israel and most likely Bahrain and Oman, are not small things. This is a complete realignment of the region.

Call it the Abrahamic Accords or Fellowship or what not, the shift we are witnessing is a set up for the final war between Iran and Israel.

There are those of us who wanted to force sovereignty at all costs and in many ways I largely agree, but we would have never gotten sovereignty in a way that would have entirely without strings attached. By going forward and forcing the Sunni Arab Gulf States to decouple the political process with the “Palestinians” from making peace with Israel, the “Palestinians” themselves have lost all raison d’etre to exist. This is why Abbas has completely lost it and appears to be ready to pivot to Iran. This will be their final undoing. The Palestinian national movement will die without firing a shot. Afterwards, something new between those Arabs in Judea and Samaria and the Jewish nation will arise.

Ultimately, what this realignment is about is severing that part of Yishmael that has never stopped yearning to be close to his brother Yitzhak from the other side – the side that hates us.


In a geo-political sense, this agreement places Israel on Iran’s doorstep. No longer would we have to find a way to fly over Iraq or act covertly in shadows with Saudi Arabia to take on the Mullahs. Nope. The IDF in partnership with the UAE can proactively take the fight directly to Iran itself.

This is why Iran (as well as the neo-Sultan Erdogan of Turkey) are so angry. This realignment allows Israel the strategic depth it never had and with it forces the Shiite’s hand.

Iran along with Turkey will now make a move. They cannot wait much longer. They know as well as the rest of the world, if this shift takes hold, they are on the way out.

The coming months will see more aggression from Gaza and a disintegration in security ties between the PA and Israel. Iran will move against the Gulf States, while Hezbollah attacks in Israel’s North. Expect Erdogan to attempt to seize control of Greece’s Islands in the East Mediterranean while blocking the ability for Cyprus to gain access to their gas reserves under the Sea.

It is all happening now.

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