After Israel Strikes IRCG In Syria, War With Iran Is Coming Fast

by Micha Gefen

Most experts now agree that a war between Israel and Iran is not a matter of if, but when. There are a few indications backing this.

The attack by the IAF against the IRCG in Syria and the indication that it was blessed by the USA, even though the Biden administration is trying to conduct negotiations means that even Biden or lets say his team has realized that the Iranians are not interested in reaching any deal.

And then there are the negotiations with Iran, which the Europeans and the USA now admit are going no where with Iran refusing to negotiate. Considering the fact that each moment there is no deal, the Iranian regime marches ever closer to a bomb, one would assume that the West is careening towards a direct conflict with the Mullahs.

Lastly, is the warm meeting between Bennett and Putin. The latter would have had to know about the attack on the IRCG, with whom Russia may have a working relationship, but only if they stay far away from Syria. The only question is, what did Bennett give to Putin to reel him to a more proactive relationship.

For its part, Iran is not slowing down nor are they preparing to just sit back and be attacked. The coming war will not be a cake walk for Israel and barring a miracle, the home front may experience severe damage, destruction, and death.

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