Prophecies of the Bible Come to Life as Jews Come Home

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to help bring the redemption? Do you want to help bring the prophecies of the Bible to life? These Jews definitely do.

Jews Help Bring the Prophecies of the Bible to Life

“There’s no place like home” is truly more than a line from the Wizard of Oz. When it comes to Israel, there is really no place like it. It has been the homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years. And for those who are fortunate enough to have made it their physical home and not only their theoretical home, they can attest to the rich life that they are living. It is a life infused with tradition and Judaism. Even those who are secular have more of a connection to Judaism because of the mere fact that they live in Israel. Together, all the Jews who live in Israel are bringing the prophecies of the Bible to life. It is amazing to see!

As one of the woman said in the video, “The feeling here is different.” You don’t have to fear being Jewish in the Jewish homeland.

The state of Israel is not perfect, and no one claims it to be. But living in Israel is living in the land that G-d wants a Jew to live in. It is living in the land of our forefathers; the land where the Bible and prophecies literally come to life. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? Who wouldn’t want to help bring the redemption closer?

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