Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Security Council: “Are you not Embarrassed?”

by Phil Schneider

The United Nations is an entity that is long overdue for a major makeover. Many make the big mistake of thinking that the UN is such a travesty that it ought to be disbanded. But that is a mistake. It should go through a major reform. The UN is actually a very important entity.

The United Nations has allowed itself to turn into an organization that people don’t take seriously. How can an organization that has a human rights council that is filled with representatives from countries that routinely dismiss the most basic aspects of human rights – be considered a serious institution? It is an unfortunate reality today that the greatest speeches in the UN tend to be speeches that lambaste the UN for it’s hypocrisy.

The UN should turn into a forum that attracts the representatives from all over the world that are considered the most moral lights around the world. An example from the Jewish people would be someone like Anatoly (Natan) Sharansky. He spent nearly 10 years in a Russian prison for one reason – he wanted to live freely as a Jew in the State of Israel. He ultimately was one of the main leaders of the struggle to bring down the Iron Curtain. He succeeded and serves as a role model for all freedom-loving people. He should become a household name for the entire world due to everything that he stands for. That is what the UN should be all about.

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