Italian Company Mass Produces Hitler-Labeled Wine Bottles

by Leah Rosenberg

This is absolutely sickening. You’r about to see some of the worst antisemitism, and this company should be sued and banned.

Antisemitism of 2021

How can any company do such a horrific thing? This Italian company is a disgrace. They are promoting Jew-hatred in whatever way they can. Hitler pictures all over wine bottles? The option to choose which label you want in order to “honor” the Third Reich? Antisemitism at its worst. Disgusting. Repulsive. Unbelievable. These are all understatements. It is terrifying that the world hasn’t learned its lesson. It is terrifying that such horrific antisemitism still exists in the world.

It is hatred like this that destroys the world. The Jews were not wiped out after the Holocaust, despite Hitler and his goals. But Hitler and his Reich were destroyed.

These antisemites should wake up and realize that G-d’s chosen people aren’t going anywhere. We will only come back bigger, better, and stronger.

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