Exposing the Insanity of the Vaccine Passport Policy in Israel

by Avi Abelow

What’s more important, having antibodies against the virus or having a government-issued document that gives you permission to go to restaurants and events and live “normal”?

Having health establishments and doctors prioritizing a government-issued document over natural antibodies in deciding whether someone is “protected” is totally screwed up, totally! And it is one single proof, out of so much of our insane reality, that exemplifies how governments have over-reached in the name of “public health”, actually disregarding real health concerns and science.

I know plenty of people with antibodies, with their doctors telling them that they don’t need to take the jab, yet they are forbidden to be issued a government-issued health passport unless they take the jab that would destroy their natural antibodies. Makes sense? These health passports are totally unscientific and have nothing to do with public or private health.

And worse than witnessing our health establishment being screwed up, is that most people don’t even care about this insanity and are willingly playing along with a charade that discriminates between people, creates sinat chinam (baseless hatred) in our society, and takes away rights and liberties from normative, healthy citizens, all without any basis on health or science.

Until people wake up to realize what is really going on, many more people will continue to suffer, in many, many different ways.

Just remember, it is a scientific fact that both shmaxxed and unshmaxxed can potentially spread the virus, yet only one group has the government’s permission to live normally and enter establishments/events and potentially spread the virus to others, all because they have a government-issued document that protects nobody’s health!


  1. Someone in Israel who does the antibodies test and tests positive, if they have no official documentation of being sick with the virus (a positive pcr test result), they are not given a green pass. (Which brings up another unscientific absurdity – A person can be sick in bed, recover from the virus and then have antibodies, but they won’t “officially” be considered sick unless they have documentation of having done a pcr test with a positive result. Insane), And when a person has antibodies, the doctors say “you are fine, you have the antibodies, but you won’t be given a green pass”. Even though that person is more “protected” than everyone who just got the shots. This whole green passport concept is total bs with no connection to science at all. With regards to fully vaxxed people spreading the virus, I know many real-world examples to know that this is true. Regardless of the studies, so long as it is accepted truth and science that vaxxed people can get sick and spread the virus, the whole green passport system is a fraud that protects nobody, and just enforces a discriminating system that is causing horrific sinat chinam, while protecting nobody. Don’t trust me about vaxxed people spreading the virus, listen to these “officials” talk about it. With that, we should all be healthy!
  2. I constantly provide scientific information from doctors and scientists. The bottom line is as follows, for two years we have all been conditioned to be scared of a virus that is potentially dangerous, if not given early treatment. Even with all the deaths, each one horrible in itself, this virus has over a 99% survival rate, and that’s without early medical treatment. The first stage of the virus is fluish. Instead of our kuopt doctors telling people to go into quarantine with no treatment, the doctors can give early medical treatments to stop the virus from progressing to stage 2, which would land them in a hospital. The long Covid as well is when people are not given early medical treatment to kill the early fluish symptoms from developing into the second more dangerous stage of the virus. Early treatment is key. No need for an experimental shot that is injuring many, many people all over the world, some very seriously, and even leading to death. And it is definitely not needed to be given to kids. No need whatsoever. Kids have over a 99.997% survival rate (these are CDC stats), again, without any early medical treatment! The line we are being told is that kids need to take it in order to protect the adults, who are vaxxed!!! Does that make any sense whatsoever??? It can possibly cause short or long-term health problems for kids, who have a survival rate of 99.997%, so why give them something potentially damaging? In the beginning, I used to voice my concern that with early medical treatments there is no need to take an experimental shot with no data on long term health effects. That’s before the first shot was even given. Now, with the tremendous amount of data on VAERS and from doctors and nurses all over the world reporting countless amount of health injuries to vaxxed people, we already have unnecessary short-term health problems as well! And this is still without knowing about potential long-term issues. The question is not whether the vaxx works, which can be debated. It’s whether it’s needed! And the answer to that is unequivocally no, it’s not needed, definitely not for everyone, since plenty of successful early treatments exist. And government-mandated green passports, that protect no one, with no basis on science are not needed either, especially since they are creating a scary two-tiered society leading to much sinat chinam.

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