Discovering King Cyrus’ Decree Allowing Jews to Rebuild the Temple

by Leah Rosenberg

Even King Cyrus knew the importance of the Temple. It is amazing that this artifact was discovered! History is fascinating.

King Cyrus and the Temple

The Jews were in exile. They were waiting to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. And then King Cyrus came along, conquered the Babylonians, and decreed that people conquered by Babylon could return to their rightful lands – and that included the nation of Israel. He gave them permission – as a messenger from G-d – to rebuild the Temple.

And you have got to love history and archaeology. Finding an artifact like this one that so perfectly matches up with the Bible is unbelievable.

Something the world needs to realize: Islam didn’t even exist when this decree from Cyrus was announced! How can anyone in the world argue with the Jewish people’s right to Jerusalem and Israel? The Jews did not take land from the Muslims – quite the opposite, actually. And history proves it. The archaeology proves it! The Bible proves it! The world needs a major history lesson.

You don’t see decrees of anything related to Islam from 539 BCE…because Islam was not a religion then! Don’t people realize? Who came first? Don’t they see whose land it was and is? It is unbelievable that the Cyrus Cylinder and the Bible match up. But for those who believe in the Bible and G-d, it is obvious that they match up. Because G-d represents truth!

It is not the first time that the Bible and archaeology match, and it will continue to happen. More findings are waiting to be dug up.

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