Israel Prepares For Iran Strike With Largest – Ever Air Force Drill

by Micha Gefen

War appears ever closer as Israel held the largest ever air force drill with 8 nations – including the UAE.

As noted yesterday, there are a number of indications that Israel and her allies are gearing up for some sort of Iran strike. One of them was the “Blue Flag” Air Force exercise in the Negev held with 8 nations including the UAE. Israel has held plenty of join exercises before, but the introduction of the UAE and the timing of the exercise amid heightened Iran tensions makes this exercise stand out.

It is clear American patience with Iran’s intransigence is wearing thin and that says a lot since the Biden team is filled with pro-Iranian sycophants. The fact that the Ayatollahs believe that it is better to pick a fight with the USA must mean only one thing – they are ready. The fact is they are close to a nuclear bomb, but even more important they have full backing from China.

In the war to come, Israel and her partners will need to have the full power of their air forces ready to strike when necessary and at the same time deal with Iranian proxies that surround Israel.

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