Unbelievable Color Footage of Germany After World War II

by Phil Schneider

The end of World War II found Germany and much of Europe destroyed. Tens of millions of refugees were in need of some of the most basic things – such as food, water, and a place to cover their heads. Germany alone was the source of all of the evil that brought so much destruction to the world. The combination of wild racism coupled with a systematic determination to take over the entire free world, create a Third Reich, and rid the world of the Jewish people is what brought the world into a massive inferno of war. The massive upgrade and lethalness of modern weaponry – from planes to missiles and artillery, and more than anything else – the machine gun, led to the astronomical numbers of fatalities.

When it was all over, Germany was utterly destroyed and it barely had an Army left. Millions of Germans were dead. The Soviet Union had lost millions of soldiers and had taken over much of Eastern Europe in order to advance their expansion of communism. England and France were licking their wounds. They had both seen years of bloodshed from the German bombardments. The Battle of the Bulge and it’s aftermath brought further destruction to many small villages in Belgium and France too.

What is perhaps more stunning than anything in this amazing collage of film are the number of people on the move. Nobody in the streets appears to be stable. Everything was one the move. A new world needed to be rebuilt in Europe, and everyone was going somewhere.

World War II should have never been as costly as it was. It should have began years before 1939 when Nazi Germany began their expansionism. Had the Soviet Union not colluded with Germany in 1939, America intervened before Pearl Harbor, and the British not attempted to appease Hitler, it would have been far less costly to stop the Nazi War Machine.

The main lesson to learn is to take the words and actions of madmen with power very seriously. If they say they want to take over the world, then they should be believed – and stopped in their tracks. The alternative is much worse.

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