Police Close File, Ignore Footage of Muslim Violence Against Jews in Lod, Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Lod made headlines recently in May because of constant Muslim violence against Jews. Are the perpetrators being brought to justice?

Do the Police Care about Justice in Lod?

A woman who lives in Lod and was injured by an object thrown at her balcony during the wave of Muslim violence was told in a letter from the police that they decided “not to continue investigating or prosecuting” from the complaint she filed. The police had video evidence of the incident, which the woman provided, and they still decided not to prosecute? A legal organization called Chonenu is appealing on this woman’s behalf.

It is absolutely insane that the Muslims are getting away with such violence. Why are the police not taking care of this properly? This only further encourages Muslim violence because they get away with it! There are no words. Something in the entire justice system needs to be changed. Jews should feel protected by the police. The police should care to protect innocent citizens – Jews and Arabs alike.

What happened in May was awful. And it’s shocking that the criminals are not being brought to justice.

The below footage is from May in Lod and has more background information on the violence that took place: https://www.israelunwired.com/kristallnacht-in-lod/


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