Israeli and German Aircraft Fly Over Israel’s Eternal Capital

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem, is often in the news headlines. This time, it was for something historic.

Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem

What a beautiful and historic moment in Israel’s eternal capital. Not so long ago compared to the long history of the world, Germany was run by the Nazis. Jews were killed in the most brutal ways. Millions of others were killed as well for just existing in a way that the Nazis didn’t approve of. 6 million innocent Jewish men, women, and children were tortured and slaughtered. Is it possible to forgive after experiencing something like the Holocaust?

Some chose to forgive and rebuild their lives, others could never forgive but still set out to rebuild their lives. But no matter what, no one ever forgot.

75 years ago, no one could have imagined that German and Israeli planes would fly side by side to participate in a joint exercise. And although the state of Israel will never forget the atrocities and barbarism of the Nazis, Israel will continue to look toward a brighter future with what Germany is now.

And what better place to remember the past as well as dive into the future than Jerusalem? What better place to do a flyover than Israel’s holiest city, its eternal capital? There is clearly a statement being made about Jerusalem, and despite what the world wants to claim, it belongs to the Jewish people and has been the capital for thousands of years.

Jerusalem is looking forward to more of these historic moments in the future.

Col. Kemp

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