Viral Video of 16 Year Old Gaza Boy “Killed” by IDF (?) After Throwing Stones

by Avi Abelow

This viral video is going around the internet and generating headlines that the IDF killed this 16 year old Gaza boy who was throwing stones at Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border.

Questionable Story

First of all, anybody, no matter what age, who decides to use violence against Israel and the Israeli army is endangering their lives. As any army or country would do to any protestors using violence against them.

If you watch the video carefully, you will see that the boy was shot in the leg! The medics, who miraculously were standing right there, were treating his leg! If this boy was killed by a shot to his leg then it wasn’t the IDF bullet that killed the boy, but horrible medical treatment by the Gaza emergency medical staff.

Now watch this video again, this time edited by the terrorists without showing the stone throwing, with a better close up of the medical treatment. Watch it and let us know what you see in a comment below.

The other thing you might notice is the direction the bullet is coming from, and how the boy falls.

Again, while the IDF has every right to shoot at every protestor using violence against Israel, the story of this boy is very questionable. From the video, it looks like the bullet was shot from behind him, not from the Israeli side of the fence. Look at the sand jump up behind the boy just before the bullet hits his leg. Then look at how his leg buckles forward, seeming as if the bullet is hitting him from behind.

If the child was hit by friendly Gaza fire, this would not be the first, nor the last time, the Arabs use lies and choreographed events to film and make Israel look bad. It’s called Pallywood. They have a whole industry of fake choreographed productions to make Israel look bad in the media and they have been doing it for years. Just google pallywood.

In anycase, Israel is proud to have an army to defend our country and we will use it against all violence against us.

We feel bad for the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza who are misled by their political and religious leaders to use violence against us. Instead, they could stop their violence and be the most blessed Muslims in the Middle East, living peacefully under Israeli rule, like all the minorities who live in Israel. Whether Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Druze, Bahai, and all other minorities, they all live as equals with complete freedom in the Jewish State of Israel.

More Violence on the Gaza Border this Friday

Here Hamas activists cut through the border fence with Israel and try to destroy an Israeli outpost.


Since the beginning of the riots near the Gaza Strip border fence led by the Hamas terrorist organization, Israeli forces have killed at least 172 terrorists and wounded 19,139, according to official sources in the Gaza Strip.

The riots began about five months ago, on March 30, 2018, during which the terrorists carried out a number of shooting attacks, threw many explosive devices, threw Molotov cocktails and stones, damaged infrastructure and carried out other acts of sabotage.

IDF Statement

“During the violent riots along the Gaza Strip fence yesterday, IDF soldiers responded using demonstration dispersing means and acted in accordance with the rules of engagement in response to attempts to sabotage the fence and harm IDF forces. Rioters burned tires, and threw stones, Molotov cocktails and a hand grenade at the forces.”

“We are familiar with the claim about two dead who had taken part in last Friday’s violent riot. Those events will be investigated by the relevant command echelons. The cases in which Palestinians were alleged killed will also be transferred to the General Staff investigation mechanism,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Office said.

The IDF arrested four Arabs who tried to cross the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip Saturday morning and they were taken for interrogation. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, a knife and an ax were found on their persons.

Some 7,000 Arabs took part in Friday’s riots on the Gaza Strip border. 30 Arabs were injured by live ammunition and 64 were injured by the rushing crowds and tear gas inhalation. According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, 37 wounded were evacuated to hospitals in the Gaza Strip and the rest were treated on site.

Arab Incitement
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