Viral Facebook Video Makes Heartfelt Plea to Kids & Parents after Parkland Shooting

by Avi Abelow

Racism, homophobia, Islamohobia. They are all connected and directly linked to killings all over the world. They were a direct cause to the shooting in Portland.

Political correctness is literally killing us!

Kids are afraid to tell teachers if there is something worrying about a classmate.

For years, policemen in Britain have been afraid to arrest Muslims raping hundreds of little girls!  They are afraid of Islamophobia and being labeled racists.  This fear is holding them back from enforcing the law and protecting British girls. This is horrific. A travesty of epic proportions.

Everyone is afraid to connect terrorism to Islam. But, Muslims are perpetrating a clear majority of all terror acts today. And if they are not Muslims, then the acts are perpetrated in the name of Islam.

What has our world turned in to?

Silent No More

Sean Whalen just came out with a powerful facebook video. He implores kids today to no longer allow the politically correct culture to scare them away from voicing their concerns about classmates.


Whalen speaks out forcefully. He listened to interviews of the school kids who said straight out,

 “We kind of knew he was going to do something crazy. He acted really weird, he acted really strange. We kind of expected that.”

Listen Up

Whalen goes right into the point by saying straight out “My friends, parents, kids, listen up, please listen up. Your feelings are not more important than my child’s life. Your feelings, your sensitivity, your political correctness are not more important than a child’s life.”

“These kids knew the guy had a problem. These kids knew that this kid was nuts. But what are we doing? What kind of generation are we raising? What are we teaching our kids?”

A Generational Problem

Whalen is scared out of his mind about the current generation of kids. Why? He sees that they are more afraid of being labeled for speaking up and saying something bad about the kid, than they are scared of being hurt or killed.

“Don’t say anything…nothing bad about that kid. Don’t say to your teacher that he is kind of weird, he’s kind of crazy. That he is drawing bombs and swastikas on the inside of his locker. Heaven forbid we actually share real sh***t happening. Heaven forbid that we go to a teacher or somebody else and say ‘this kid is creeping me out.’ ‘This kid is saying weird stuff.’ We can’t do that nowadays because you are labeled a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, or something.”


Speak Out!

He then implores the kids to speak out! Drop the political correctness and speak out!

“Kids if you are listening to me. I want you to tell your teachers, tell the principal, tell your parents…”

But he doesn’t stop there. To show us all that he means business, he tells the kids to call him directly if nobody else will listen to them.

“If one of those teachers calls you in and says ‘shame on you’, call me directly! I will personally come talk to your teacher and I will personally come talk to your principal.”

Stop Being a Snowflake

And then he points out the true evil of today’s generation:

“Your sensitive snowflake feelings are NOT worth more than my child’s life.”

“So kids, if you are listening to this, tell somebody! If you see some kid who looks like he will be the next kid to shoot up the school, tell somebody.”

Finally he ends with a plea to all parents:

“And parents, please implore your children to speak up. Please implore your children to say the things that are really happening without regard about being labeled something…because little Johnny is acting nutty and crazy and drawing stuff in his locker. That is scary.”

But we can’t say anything about little Johnny because – heaven forbid – people will label a child who speaks up.

Whalen’s final message says it all:

“My friends, your feelings are not worth more than a child’s life.” 

Will any of the politicians or media personalities pushing this politically correct culture stop and see what they are causing? We need to listen to these simple, yet profound words. The results – as we see – can be deadly.

I doubt leaders will change, but I hope the masses will wake up to this reality that Whalen speaks about for all to hear.

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