Video revealed of Jeremy Corbyn on stage at conference against Zionism and Jews

by Avi Abelow

It is not necessarily new information that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is against Zionism and Jews. But seeing videos like these is just horrifying.

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Corbyn Against Zionism and Jews

A video from 2008 was just revealed of Jeremy Corbyn on the stage at a conference that was completely against, to say the least, Zionism and Jews. To get a better idea, the conference was titled: “Zionism has turned the Jews into immoral people.” Listen to just a minute and a half of this conference, and you’ll get an idea of what the speeches and speakers were like. For Jeremy Corbyn to have attended is shameful. For Corbyn to not only have attended but to have been ON STAGE with the terrible antisemites is even more shameful.

Corbyn’s Antisemitic history

The list of Corbyn’ antisemitic history goes on and on. Literally. He has called Hamas and Hezbollah, two internationally recognized terror organizations, his friends. He has spoken at rallies calling for the destruction of Israel. The Labour party leader has compared Israel to Nazi Germany. And he has excused suicide bombers who have killed innocent Israelis. Some Jews have even left the UK or vowed to if Corbyn becomes prime minister. That is how bad he is.

There is no apologizing for what Corbyn has said and done. It is just who he is. He does not regret it. He does not disagree with his past comments because they represent the way he still feels. Jeremy Corbyn must be held accountable for his antisemitism!

New Israeli Prime Minister
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