Are we actually at the beginning of mass extinction because of “Global Warming?”

by Leah Rosenberg

In a post that has now gone viral, noted consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel discusses the holes found within global warming and shoots down the notion we are headed to mass extinction.

“I have invited Al Gore on my show many times to discuss the issue, but he never responds. He is too busy making speeches,” Stossel says in the above video.

Stossel recently hosted a debate at the Heartland institute between climate alarmists and those scientists and thinkers who question the notion.

Climate alarmists have been around for decades, claiming that the world would end as we know it if we don’t curb carbon emissions. For years they remained on the fringe until the UN took up their cause after Al Gore’s documentary the Inconvenient Truth aired.

Although there are many scientists that dispute the claims of the climate alarmists, big institutions and politicians have coopted their cause to use it to institute creeping authoritarian measures like carbon taxes.

While no one disputed the need to treat our world with respect, the facts that we as human are causing climate change are a bit challenging to believe. The temperature since 1900 has only risen 1 degree and humans keep living longer.

Pat Michaels, former President of the Association of State Climatologists argues the idea that if the temperature “ticks up just another half a degree and the whole system crashes, that is the most absurd belief.”

Stossel invited cimate alarmists to his debate, but no one showed up leaving the floor to Michaels and two other noted experts.

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