BDS activists have no answers when asked about their “human rights” activities

by Phil Schneider

The BDS movement is a very well-funded and focused movement. They are funded and driven by pure anti-semitism. Yes – that is right – pure anti-semitism. But, they are smart about what they do. They couch all of their anti-Israel activities as humanitarian work for a nation that just wants to have self-determination. Isn’t that a lofty cause?

Self-Determination of Arabs in the Middle East

Arabs in the Middle East have a major problem with self-determination. In nearly every country in the Middle East, Arabs are not free to live the lifestyles that they would like to live. In Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen ad other countries in the Middle East, Arabs are ruled over. They do not have elections – unless they are rigged. But there is an exception to the rule – Israel. Israel is the one country that has allowed Arabs to vote in free elections. And vote they do. There are more than 10 Arabs in the Israeli Knesset and they are allowed to stand up and say all kinds of anti-Israel things in the Israeli parliament.

Well, what about Gaza? From 1967 till 2005, the Arabs in Gaza, indeed, did not have self-determination. But Israel withdrew their Army and removed more than 8,000 Jewish people who lived in the Gaza area in order to give the Arabs who lived their total self-determination. The Arabs there promptly determined that they want to turn the area into a launching pad to terrorize half of the State of Israel with missiles. This small area of Land where Jewish communities once existed has seen thousands – perhaps more than ten thousand by now – of missiles shot at Tel-Aviv and the entire south of Israel. So, is self-determination – that which the BDS screams about day and night really what Arabs care about? No, the Arabs care about destruction of Israel. But they have learned that the wolf must wear lamb’s clothing in order to have the Jeremy Corbyns and the Bernie Sanders’ of the world support you.

The BDS cares as much about Arab human rights as they care about Jewish human rights. Neither matters to them at all. They just want to destroy the Jewish State and kill Jews. They can scream and yell. But the world has changed. The Jewish people will no longer sit back and be pushed around by bullies. Get used to it. Jewish pride is here to stay in the Land of Israel.

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