United Nations Slams Israel with Damning Gaza Report Filled with Lies

by Avi Abelow

The United Nations Human Rights Council just issued a Gaza report castigating Israel for war crimes in defending itself against the Hamas coordinated terror marches on the Gaza border. The United Nations report ignores the enormous of amount of video footage showing woman and children storming the Gaza border fence, throwing stones, cutting the fence and being used as human shields for armed terrorists. Even the United Nations own videos are filled with lies and contradictory information that actually proves Israel was right in shooting people attacking the border fence! Just watch the following two videos, the first with the truth and the second one with blatant lies exposed in their own video.

The Lies

On the one hand the father says that his son was 350 meters away from the fence so why was the IDF shooting. On the other hand the boy himself admits that he joined his friends at the fence to throw stones and his own father says “every time he went near the barbed wire I pulled him back”. The United Nations does not even care that their own video showcases the blatant lies of the Gaza father, because facts don’t matter in todays world, just emotional stories about poor kids who are shot by Israel. Who cares if they are doing something illegal that can get them shot.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement

Israel utterly rejects the report published by the Commission of Inquiry of the UN Human Rights Council. This report was born in sin, in a politically biased, one-sided resolution that determined the outcome before the investigation even started. This report was written by three individuals that lack any understanding in security matters, without relevant professional background. No reasonable reader should take this report seriously. Hamas has declared war on Israel and calls to kill Jews. Hamas is orchestrating the attacks and using civilians in Gaza as human weapons to assault Israel and Israeli civilians. Hamas exploits the civilians in Gaza as human shields for terrorists. Israel has responded with restrained action taken only in defense of our civilian population. IDF procedures on the border accord with international law and the standards of other militaries worldwide. Independent military experts have affirmed this. So has Israel’s Supreme Court, a world-renowned judicial institution. Israel is proud of its judicial system and of the IDF, which in its actions adheres to the demands of international law. Israel will continue to defend its citizens from these attacks, despite the Council’s sentiment that Israel has no right to defend its borders The HRC becomes an accomplice of a terrorist organization, supporting Hamas’s aggression against Israel and the oppression of the people of Gaza.Israel calls on member states to reject the report and ignore its recommendations.

Dr. Risch

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