Alan Dershowitz silenced an anti-Israel student by combating her lies with the truth

by Phil Schneider

Alan Dershowitz is fantastic when he responds to an Arab student who tries to explain how Israel has caused the horrible plight of the “Palestinians.” Yes, the “Palestinians” can whine and complain and haven’t “gotten over it” for over 70 years, as their own people terrorize and enslave them. It is all true. However, let’s look at the entire Middle East and Israel in totality. There is no question that the best place to be an Arab in the Middle East is Israel.

Their are some crazy things going on in the left over the last few years.  Instead of a reasonable liberal agenda that stands up for what is right and just, the left has become dominated by progressive values that often have very little to do with what is right.  Actually, it is sometimes the polar opposite.

Shift over the Last Few Decades 

Alan Dershowitz is super-sensitive on this subject because he has seen how the left has completely lost it’s focus in the last couple of decades.

The progressive views are often as close-minded and anti-liberal as could be.  No truly liberal person would solely focus on Israel’s treatment of Arabs while ignoring the human rights of all Arab countries.  No truly liberal person would point an accusatory finger at Israel before checking the facts.  Today, that has become the norm.  Prof. Dershowitz properly puts this complainer in her place as it is obvious that this person cares little about the facts or truth.   It is just a predictable progressive attack on Israel.

Once upon a time, liberals were the conscience of our nation. They brought good into the world by reminding us that “All men are created equal” actually means that. Today, the main agenda that the left has been advancing is one of “All men and women and transgenders and whatever they feel like calling themselves should all be the same no matter what.” We’ve lost our way. Prof. Dershowitz, an old-time liberal is the perfect person to call out the radical left.

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