Under constant threat of survival, here is the miracle we call Israel

by Chaya Cikk

A country that is always under threat, not very large and not very old. This country, Israel has yet accomplished so much. The things Israel has done will astound you! It makes one proud.

Israel Under Threat

Israel, a country established in 1948. A country only 424 kilometers long and only 114 kilometers wide. To put it into perspective Israel is smaller than the state of New Jersey. When established not many thought Israel would survive but it has come very far in the last 70+ years.

Israel is surrounded by enemies, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Further out it has Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many others. These countries have a Muslim majority and are out to destroy Israel, many don’t even recognize its right to exist.

Israel has had wars with Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Since Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and Hamas took over in 2007 Israel has been under fire. Rockets have been fired from Gaza into Southern Cities in Israel. One weekend in May 2019, residents of the south spend the Sabbath in safe rooms as it was raining down rockets. No question Israel is always under threat.

What Has Israel Done?

Well, where do we begin? In the last 70 years Israel has accomplished:

  • Israel invented the solar water heating system.
  • Waze has re-invented how we use GPS
  • Drip Irrigation, this helps grow crops in the desert,
  • The USB stick
  • Watergen this has provided a low-cost solution for creating a renewable source for fresh and clean water.
  • The baby sense monitor, that many parents use under the sheet of the crib to help prevent, SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Pill camera, helping doctors detect problems in your digestive system
  • Mobile eye, a system to prevent accidents by warning drivers of a dangerous situation.
  • Re-Walk is a system that allows paralyzed people to walk again
  • Rummikub
  • Bamba is a yummy peanut butter snack

Did you know that Israel is leading the world in medical patents? Israel ranks 3rd place in the world in scientific research.

How many Nobel prizes has Israel won? 12, in various fields, including chemistry, economics, literature and peace. Israel has more Nobel prizes per capita than the United States. How cool?

Considering that Israel is under fire and does have people rooting for Israel to fail. It has achieved so much. I wonder what the next 70 years will bring for Israel.

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