Introducing Schlep – an Uber Parody!

by Leah Rosenberg

Most people know what Uber is. But have you heard of the Jewish version called Schlep? What a hilarious Uber parody this one is!

Uber Parody

Uber is a transportation network company. You can use the app on your smartphone to order a ride to get to wherever you need to go. You can ride-share with others, and you can even use Uber food delivery! This company offers a variety of services. It is a widely used app.

But what about Schlep? Check out this Uber parody!

Schlep – The Jewish Uber

This parody is hilarious. This video is a take on Uber. It uses some stereotypes for an entertaining watch for all! The car service uses “Jewish geography” navigation. It is a joke because Jews throughout the world like to play a game known as Jewish geography. They talk about who they know, and somehow, everyone knows everyone.

The classic Jewish mother tries to make sure everyone is taken care of. Often times with an Uber driver or taxi driver, the driver may not speak the same language as you. But this Jewish mother speaks English, and she wants to make sure you’re well fed. Oh, and she wants to play matchmaker while she’s at it!

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