German police do nothing as Israeli musician is attacked in Berlin

by Phil Schneider

When we hear about German police doing nothing while Jews are attacked, it conjures up images of the Munich Olympics massacre. That was back in 1972. The West German police were in charge of security for the Olympics. They were clearly responsible for the impossible situation when Arab terrorists took 11 Israeli athletes hostage. The terrorist group was called Black September, and they demanded that Israel free terrorists in return for them freeing hostages. In the end, the German police bungled the rescue mission. Nine of the 11 Israeli athletes were killed in helicopters on a tarmac where the terrorists planned to fly them out of Germany. The other two were killed earlier.

Daniel Gurfinkel

Daniel Gurfinkel is a talented Israeli musician who’s lived in Berlin for the past few years. Near his home, Daniel passed by a B.D.S protest against the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is taking place in Israel now. The protesters wanted to mark the “Palestinian” “Nakba” (a day which mentions the displacement of “Palestinians” after the creation of Israel).

At first, Daniel thought he wouldn’t get into a conflict with the protesters. But then, he heard anti-semitic chants and chants in honor of “Palestinian” terrorists as “heroes.” This was already too much for him. He couldn’t stand by. He then decided to try and talk with some of the protesters and to confront them with some facts. But the “peaceful” protesters didn’t want to hear him. After his first words, when he tried to defend Israel, many of them started to attack and push him into the corner of the inside tent. When he tried to push them back, they started to punch him in the head and stomach.

During the whole time of the attack, at least 2 German policemen were in the area. But they just watched the entire event. Only a long time after, they intervened and chose to detain… Daniel. The victim. Even though there were videos and many witnesses, none of the violent attackers were arrested. They didn’t even detain anyone and question them. Is Europe going to go back to it’s dark ages? Will Jews have nobody to defend them once again? It would seem that one of the lessons of the Holocaust is that the Jewish people should never rely on anyone to defend them. They must only rely on themselves.

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