Unbelievable: How Israel Became One of the Top Technological Powers in the World

by Leah Rosenberg

When people hear about countries that are ranked as the top technological powers in the world, they might not realize how high up Israel is.

Small Country, Important Technological Powers

Israel may be a small country, but as you heard in the video, their technological powers are unbelievable. There is a reason they have been called the Startup Nation and the Innovation Nation. Israel has truly made a name for itself in just 70+ years of its modern existence.

People don’t even realize how much technology was developed in Israel. Which is why when the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement tries to boycott the one and only Jewish state, it’s nearly impossible. Israel has contributed so much to the world – not even only in technology – that it is quite difficult to refrain from benefitting from all of its contributions!

The Jewish people are creative. And so when Israel needed to reinvent itself throughout the decades, it did. It created. It developed. It did remarkable things. For those who are willing to learn a little history, they would see how truly amazing the Jewish state is.

It is time the world stopped condemning Israel for anything and everything – for no reason at all – and it is time the world started to look at Israel in awe. The story of the Jewish people and Israel is inspiring beyond words, and people need to open their eyes and see it! The technology aspect is just one small piece of a large and beautiful puzzle that makes up Israel.

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