Arab Squatter Threatens To Blow Himself Up If Removed

by Micha Gefen

After a recent court order, arab squatters that had taken over Jewish houses in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood of Jerusalem, the squatters were forced from the homes.


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While the world thinks that Israel just wantonly kicks arabs from their homes, the truth is the opposite. The current court orders focus primarily on arabs that took over abandoned Jewish property since Israel’s war for independence. Despite the court order, arab squatters remained in the houses, waiting for police to remove them in order to make a bigger scene than it was.

One man threatened to light himself on fire with gasoline if the eviction actually continued. He barricaded himself on the roof with a gas cylinder and a can of gasoline.

Recently, a court ruled that the property did not belong to the family and the state is allowed to forcibly remove them. In this case, the state wanted the land for an educational institution for special needs children in the local Arab community.

Regardless of all these facts, the European Union sent diplomats to the scene to support this illegal squatter and protest the legal right of the Jerusalem municipality to evict the man.

Also despite the facts of the case, this man was portrayed by the anti-Israel social media world as a martyr for “palestine” standing up against an “illegal” Israeli land grab in Jerusalem. Once again showing us all, how facts do not matter to the anti-Israel world, just false photo-ops withe emotional stories that allow them to paint Israel as an evil enemy, all based on lies.

Ironically, despite the court order based on all the facts mentioned above, due to all the international pressure, the police caved into the arab squatter.

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