New VA Governor Fighting Back Against the Progressive Agenda on Day 1

by Leah Rosenberg

This is absolutely amazing! The new VA governor, Glenn Youngkin, is fighting back against what has been bringing American society down.

VA governor Glenn Youngkin is Following Through

It is most definitely not a given that politicians follow through with their campaign promises. So when they actually do, they must be noticed and commended! And the new VA governor so far has followed through. He has gone above and beyond to try to reverse the progressive agenda in Virginia. This is not only good news for Virginia, but this gives hope to America as a whole. Things can turn around. Glenn Youngkin did not waste one second. He became governor and got to work right away. This is encouraging. To have a politician follow through with what he said during his campaign is remarkable. As Charlie Kirk said, “This is winning.” Youngkin is making the necessary changes to improve things!

This is a good sign for Israeli politicians as well. They can all stand up and stop the growing progressive political agenda taking over our countries. They should see what Governor Youngkin is doing and follow suit! No one has to be a bystander and watch dangerous Progressive agendas bring down society. Let’s all do our part in our own way.

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