CNN Makes Outrageous Comment about Muslim Terrorist Taking Jewish Hostages

by Phil Schneider

Could Muslim attacks actually spark anti-Muslim sentiment? Should the main concern following an attack on the World Trade Center by radical Islamic terrorists be that anti-Muslim sentiment will grow? That is actually the way the twisted CNN concept of reporting operates.

So, let’s make things a bit more orderly here. The people who need to be protected are the victims, not the perpetrators of crime. The criminals who attack innocent people are not the main people who need to be focused on. The innocent who’s lives are being hindered and endangered are what matters. The policemen – yes, policemen or policewomen, not police people, who go to the scene of a crime are not the problem, but the solution to crimes.

We need to make sure that some basic things are clarified. The world has dangerous people that need to be reigned in. Those people are not the Islamaphobic and insensitive among us. They are the people who pick up guns and knives and attack other people. Insensitivity does not lead to violence. What leads to violence is a weak and feckless justice system without policemen and policewomen to enforce the law.

So, yes, CNN is part of the problem – not the solution. CNN does not understand the difference between the danger of radical Islamic criminals, and the non-danger of feelings of non-radical Islamic people. The feelings of people have become the paramount issue and not the safety and freedoms that are the building blocks of Western society. That is why CNN continues to become more and more sidelined as a radical fringe news reporting network.

Dr. Risch

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