UK audience erupts in laughter after Malaysian PM mocks Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

The Malaysian PM is extremely antisemitic. And this video of him deriding Jews, received by laughter from the audience, is just appalling.

Malaysian PM and His Antisemitism

The Malaysian PM, Mahathir Mohamad, is one of the worst antisemites. And what is worse is that he is leading a country. He is not some random person with no influence. He has made remark after remark and shown the world how vile of an antisemite he really is.

When someone encounters this type of antisemitism, they should fight back against it. But that is not what happened at the Cambridge Union.

Laughing at Jews

Instead of defending the Jewish people or condemning the Malaysian PM, the audience at Cambridge Union laughed when the PM derided the Jewish people. To hear such antisemitism come out of a country’s leader’s mouth and then to hear those chuckles – it is just awful. Is this really the year 2019? Have people not moved passed the antisemitism?

Freedom of speech is encouraged by the Western world. But when it is used to target one religion and one nation, then it is being used incorrectly. That is not the point of free speech. And Cambridge Union should know that.

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