Two unexpected people unite to share the truth about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the truth about Israel? It is important enough that two completely different people have teamed up to let the world know about it.

The Truth about Israel

The truth about Israel is not what the media tells you. Israel is not inhumane. Israel is not a country that is committing genocide against a so-called “Palestinian” people. The Jewish people did not steal anyone’s land.

Some people know this and believe it. Some have to learn it the hard way.

For a former radical Islamist, he learned it by seeing it with his own eyes. He wanted to be able to refute all the positive things people say about Israel, but instead, he was confronted with the truth: Israel is a democratic and free country. Israel is a country that treats its citizens with love and respect no matter what their religion is.

Can you imagine how many more people would know the truth if they were just willing to visit Israel and see it for themselves? If a radical, antisemitic Islamist can discover the truth about Israel, seemingly anyone can.

Uniting with a Holocaust Survivor

There is something truly awesome about this. A Holocaust survivor who went through the most horrific suffering joining with a former antisemite to defend Israel – what can be more inspiring. Irving Roth knows what can happen when lies are spread and repeated over and over again. He lived through that Hell.

Kasim Hafeez was ready to murder as many Jews as possible but completely turned his life around to defend Israel. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Both Kasim Hafeez and Irving Roth have dedicated themselves to defending Israel and the Jewish people. Although they come from completely different backgrounds and could not be more different, truth has united them. The truth has brought them together.

And that is a beautiful thing.

Israel Memorial Day
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