Former atheist exposes the Left’s religion of hate

by Phil Schneider

“Black Lives Matter has become the replacement for G-d.” That is quite a powerful line. Will Witt is a very eloquent speaker who gets to the core of the matter. Indeed, if someone does care about Black people the most important thing they should be doing is working on advocating for fatherhood in the Black communities, not advocating defunding the Police.

Crime does not exist because of policemen. Crime is not a cyclical event where Policemen are complicit too. Yes, there are some rotten apples in the Police. There are in all institutions. But, the core of the issue is the lack of fatherhood in so many minority communities. The breakdown of family values is at the heart of so much that is occurring in the West. When a youngster has a healthy Mom and Dad who teach them red lines, they generally speaking will not have any run-ins with the police outside of speeding a bit on a highway.

But when nobody says, “Where are you going” to a 9, 10, or 11, year old who is walking out to the neighborhood park, there is a very good chance that the influence will be negative and not positive. When nobody asks the child, “What did you do,” and they child is free to do whatever they please, the more common denominator will be the most dangerous children in the park. These youngsters will often turn into juvenile delinquents in their teenage years. Why? Nobody taught them otherwise.

In truth, they are victims. But not of society or racism. They are victims of not having red lines from a loving family. That is the key to building a healthy and productive society. It is true that the the police are not the solution for more law and order. Dad and Mom are – at a younger age. Then, there is little need for the police to intervene later on.

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