When Adam Sandler shook the four species for the holiday of Sukkot

by Leah Rosenberg

Adam Sandler is a well known actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is Jewish as well. And Chabad Hasidim encourage all Jews to do G-d’s commandments!

Adam Sandler Shakes the Lulav

It is such a sight to watch a famous actor like Adam Sandler shake the Lulav. The Lulav is a palm branch. G-d commanded the Jewish people on the holiday of Sukkot to shake the four species together. That includes the Lulav, the Etrog (citron fruit), Hadas (myrtle), and the Aravah (willow).

There is a well-known idea that all the species represent different types of Jews and that we must hold all the species together. It represents unity and the joy that comes through such unity.

It may be hard to accept people who are different. But this commandment reminds us what G-d truly wants. He wants us to be accepting and kind. He does not want our differences to divide us. After all, there are twelves tribes of Israel. Everyone is unique.

Chabad Helps Jews Do Mitzvot

Chabad Hasidim help all different types of Jews perform the mitzvot, or commandments of G-d. They accept those that are observant and those that aren’t; they do not judge. Chabad is known to attract even the most far-removed Jews and bring them back to G-d’s ways.

Although Adam Sandler is not known to be a religious Jew, Chabad helped him perform one of G-d’s commandments. Doing any mitzvah is holy to G-d, even if the person has never done a mitzvah in his life.

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