The terrifying reality that the Holocaust could happen again

by Leah Rosenberg

The Holocaust could happen again. There are still people who have promised to destroy the Jewish nation. This is chilling to hear in Auschwitz.

The Holocaust Could Happen Again

We do not want to believe it, but maybe it is true. The Holocaust could happen again. The hatred for the Jewish people has not yet been eradicated. Leaders of countries have vowed to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. And when leaders make those promises, we cannot ignore them. Antisemites mean what they say, and they will do anything to reach their goal. Listen to the warning coming from a Holocaust survivor.

Will You Listen to a Survivor?

Especially when a Holocaust survivor warns the world – IN Auschwitz – we must believe it. Irving Roth knows. He lived through the times of when people ignored the signs; when people thought everything would be okay.

It is so important for people to learn about the past. Because if people ignore the signs, something terrible could happen again. The Holocaust happened. It was real. The horrors. The Hell on Earth. People do not want to believe that something so atrocious can take place again. People want to believe that the world has changed. But that would be ignoring the signs and ignoring countries like Iran whose leaders have promised to annihilate the entire Jewish people. And Irving Roth is warning the world NOT to ignore what is right in front of us!

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