Shocking video of Radical Islam in Canadian school

by Leah Rosenberg

Shouldn’t a Canadian school be teaching Canadian values? These types of situations have happened throughout the years across the Western World.

Canadian School Gone Wrong

Although this video is a few years old, it needs to be talked about. Why? Because radical Islam is still making its way throughout the West. Because radical Islam is still trying to take over the education system, not only in a Canadian school but in schools throughout America and the West.

This is a very disturbing video. But again, it cannot be ignored. The consequences will be catastrophic.

Islam preaches complete obedience to the religion at all costs. It is literally do or die in the radical Islamic world. That is what Muslim children are taught from a young age.

But there is another point that is quite important. One must realize that this is a traditional Muslim play, and the people being beheaded are not infidels but rather Mohammed’s brother and grandson. It portrays violence. Ruthlessly so. And the audience is not composed of adults but children, some as young as nursery school age.

There are so many issues at hand. But the takeaway message is that radical Islam must be stopped before the next generation is completely brainwashed.

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