IDF Exposes More Secret Hizbullah Sites in Beirut

by Phil Schneider

When a massive explosion rocked the port city of Beirut, there were Hizbullah operatives who were quick to say that it had nothing to do with ammunition exploding. It was just ammonium nitrate. But everybody today knows that what transpired was a massive mistake by the Hizbullah that led to the enormous explosion that killed more than 100 people and wounded thousands.

The Israel Defense Forces keep their eye on their northern border 24/7. They have no choice. Lebanon is basically a country that is held hostage by the Hizbullah. The Hizbullah has stockpiled thousands of missiles and they are all pointing towards Israel. Israel has made a strategic decision to not merely invade and take over the entire area, but to focus on drying up the factories and the terrorists. This strategy is not simple and requires enormous vigilance. At any time, Israel can find itself under an intense barrage from the North and must be.

Israel’s situation is at once precarious, and also very impressive. Israel’s technological advantage allows it to basically have eyes in places that Israel’s enemies wish it could control. But, a mistake such as not locating a factory that creates precision guided missiles in time can be catastrophic.

Israel’s IDF Intelligence unit is perhaps the most impressive branch today. They cannot brag about all of their accomplishments, but they are not just on the front lines. They are nearly always past the front lines. The best defense is often a good offense.

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