Two Remaining Escaped Terrorists Caught

by Micha Gefen

The last two remaining terrorists that escaped from Gilboa prison just before Rosh Hashanah were caught last night in Jenin. Two other accomplices were caught along with them.

Unlike the other four escapees, the final two actually made it into “Palestinian” occupied Judea and Samaria within the city of Jenin. Munadil Nafayat and Iham Kamamji were unarmed and made no resistance when a large IDF force acted upon reliable intelligence and surrounded their hideout.

With the end of the operation, the fiasco behind the prison escape can move to a more intense phase involving investigations of guards, policies, and major issues in the prison system that allowed the dramatic prison escape to take place to begin with.

While it may be convenient for the current government especially leftwing Minister of Internal Security Omar Bar Lev to move on swiftly, the investigations will hopefully result in discovering just how bad the flaws in the prison system are. The public may be relieved, but the need to shore up loose ends inside Israel are key to moving forward an quenching the growing thirst for more violence on the “palestinian” street.

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