Astronaut Sends Holocaust Remembrance Message from Outer Space

by Leah Rosenberg

Sending a message of Holocaust remembrance from literally out of this world is unbelievable. Listen to astronaut Jessica Meir.

Holocaust Remembrance from Outer Space

Wherever we may find ourselves in life, and whoever we may be surrounded by, we always need to remember the Holocaust. It is crucial, especially in today’s world when so many deny the tragedies that the Nazis carried out just decades ago. Holocaust remembrance is so important that Jessica Meir felt the need to share a message all the way from outer space.

If only we were all so brave to share the message of “Never Again.” If Jessica can share a public message from a spacecraft, we can all share the memory of the Holocaust from within our own worlds – literally planet Earth as well as our own personal worlds. As Astronaut Meir said, “We must all become everlasting witnesses to the past.” No, most of us were not alive during the Holocaust. Sadly, the survivors are slowly leaving the physical world. But it is our duty to keep their memories alive; to talk about the suffering they endured. Maybe you know or knew a Holocaust survivor, or maybe you have never met one. Either way, we all are tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the Holocaust gets neither denied nor forgotten. It is the least we can do. It is the bare minimum we can do for those who suffered beyond what anyone can describe. It is the smallest thing we can do for those who didn’t survive – and for those who did.


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