Islamists do Victory Parade as Biden Becomes an “International Embarrassment”

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden’s leadership has led to horrible images of victory parades with American humvees and blackhawks flying above. Does Biden even understand what his policies have wrought?

The image of Biden falling asleep in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will not disappear from the minds of those who care about Israel. It’s not that Biden doesn’t care – it’s that he is almost definitely experiencing serious cognitive decline. Anybody who has cared for such a person would know that nodding off is a common thing with people who are seriously slowing down.

The Democrats in America actually love the present situation. They get to run the country via committee – probably headed by Obama and his advisors, and they have zero accountability. In 2022, the American public should wake up and recognize that the Democrats need to be driven from power. Otherwise, this puppet situation which is a travesty, will turn into tragedy. The world has not become less dangerous. It is more dangerous today than it has been in many decades. While the United States and the West dawdles, China is building up more and more every day. The rude awakening will come. The question is how far down the line of lack of leadership and moral decadence will the West be, and what will the price be that we will have to pay for all of the dithering around.

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