Caught on Film: Taliban Militant Whips Women Protesting

by Leah Rosenberg

The US called on the Taliban to respect women’s rights. Is this what the US had in mind after handing over Afghanistan on a silver platter?

Taliban Whips Women – What Did the World Expect?

What did the world expect to happen when Afghanistan was literally handed over to the Taliban? Did the UN really think that this terror group is a partner for making Afghanistan a flourishing country? Did the US really expect the Taliban to listen to them when they said that they expect this group to “respect women’s rights?” And Canada’s minister for women and gender equality even called them “our brothers.” How absurd! Are they serious? Are Canada and the US mocking women’s rights?

Look at these poor women in Afghanistan. They are being whipped for protesting. That is definitely not how governments in the Western world treat its people. And if the the US and Canada and others actually are calling on the Taliban to act like Western countries, they must be making a joke out of women’s rights.

What is so tragic is that this video is not even the worst of what is happening in Afghanistan. The situation is NOT good, to say the least.

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