Biden Administration Expects Taliban to “Respect Women’s Rights” in Absurd Statement to CNN

by Leah Rosenberg

The Biden administration has got to be joking. This is insane. Do they actually believe what they are saying is possible?

Biden Administration Needs a Reality Check…Again

How can anyone take the Biden administration seriously when they are pretending like the Taliban is a normal government that will institute normal laws on Afghanistan? The Taliban laughs in the face of women’s rights and human rights. They are terrorists! They don’t care what the world thinks.

And you have to believe that the world knows that; that the US knows that. So how can the US expect the Taliban to comply with international law?

What happened in Afghanistan is a true tragedy.

And this is what the United States of America is saying publicly on the media? And the State Department has done the same thing, joining the United Nations in this absurd request to terrorists. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, and the Taliban is made up of terrorists. You don’t have to know much about politics or the world to know that. And yet, the US and the UN are pretending like they don’t know that. Truly disgraceful.

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